Monday 5/9/22 – The Journey

Jesus, thank You! Thank You for the mothers in my life that give me a glimpse of Your unconditional love for us. Thank You for meeting me where I was at in my life. Thank You for loving me, unconditionally. Thank You, Lord! Praise You, Lord! Bless You, Lord Jesus! I’m reading MERE CHRISTIANITY byContinue reading “Monday 5/9/22 – The Journey”

Monday 4/25/22 – Hidden Secrets

Thank You, Jesus!  Thank You for this day!  Thank You for the work You are doing in my life and the lives of all around me.  Amazingly, You have answered my prayers by giving me eyes to see and ears to hear, thank You for making me aware of Your presence in my life. ThankContinue reading “Monday 4/25/22 – Hidden Secrets”

Monday 3/28/22 – Degrees

Good afternoon God, thank You for this day. Another beautiful day here in sunny Southwest Florida. Thank You Lord, praise You Lord, bless You Lord! Lord Jesus, I claim the power of the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven that you gave to your disciples, that whatever we bind on earth will be bound inContinue reading “Monday 3/28/22 – Degrees”