Who is this humble spiritual warrior?

I’m just a guy that was brought up in Christian household. We went to a Christian Reformed Church in a little town with many churches called Holland, MI. My parents sent my brothers and me to a private Christian school. I can not remember anyone along the way that told me that God still speaks to His people today. I just thought that God no longer was present in a way that I could really experience Him. Stuff like that only happened in Bible times and to special people, certainly I didn’t qualify. Now, I’m still just a guy, but a guy that wants to shout from the roof tops about the Gospel, the good news and how my God has redeemed me. We’ve been given the gift, it is up to us to accept the gift. When I lived in and of the world it was very difficult for me to know how to accept the gift that I had been given. My journey began when I started to pray a simple and extremely powerful prayer. I asked the Lord to remove from me the scales of this world, to give me eyes to see and ears to hear. I’m here to let you in on a little secret that the enemy doesn’t want you to know; God wants to speak to you! Yes, you! I only know my journey, each and everyone’s journey will be unique but mine started with surrender. It doesn’t all come at once, it builds, as you become less of this world by pouring yourself out and allowing God to pour His Holy Spirit into you. I can not imagine if everything that I think I know today and everything that is yet to come, came all at once – it probably would have been too overwhelming. My wife and I made the decision to follow one of our dreams about 5 years ago and moved our small family to the west coast of Florida, to the Sarasota area, it was a leap of faith but everything lined up and came together better than we planned and we have been so blessed. Many years ago I had a pastor in Michigan that would often remind the congregation that we had to be able to answer 2 questions. #1. Who we are? and #2. Whose we are? I thought it was a cute saying and thought I knew the answers but I’m only beginning to understand. At this time the answers to these questions for me are #1. A humble warrior in God’s army. and #2. His, I am His! I hope you will join me and many others in this battle against the world. We are but visitors from a foreign land, sent here to destroy the kingdom of satan, not on our own. Never attempt these things on your own but put on the armor of God, surrender to the Holy Spirit of God and be open for Him to lead you. Defend, fortify and expand the Kingdom of God. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Thank You Lord, praise You Lord, bless You Lord, Amen.

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