Monday 2/14/22 – Reality Check

Good afternoon God, thank You for a restful and relaxing weekend with family and friends. Thank You for all the information that I’m able to expose myself to and thank You for helping me process the information I’m gathering from many different sources, as most of it is not easy and straightforward to process. ThankContinue reading “Monday 2/14/22 – Reality Check”

Monday 2/7/22 – Metanoia

Good afternoon God! Thank You for a day of rest, reading, prayer, meditation and family time. Thank you for a day of the week with no set expectations this week. Thank You for leading me to this outlet where I can get my thoughts written out to better understand what it is that You areContinue reading “Monday 2/7/22 – Metanoia”

Monday 1/31/22 – Consciousness

Dear Lord, Master Creator, King of the Universe, Maker of Heaven and earth, thank You! Thank you for this day, for this time of study, for this time of rest, for this time with my family today. Thank You for waking me up. Thank You for not giving up on me. Thank You for leading,Continue reading “Monday 1/31/22 – Consciousness”

Monday 1/17/22 – Do We Want to Be Right?

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for this day! Thank You for the time this morning that my wife and I had to study and dive deep into the Bible. Thank You for all the blessings You’ve given us. Thank You for all the free things you’ve given us to take care of and nurture thatContinue reading “Monday 1/17/22 – Do We Want to Be Right?”

Sunday 4/25/21 – Hot Potato

I have found that following God and His Holy Spirit is not complete without doubts and insecurities, at least not for me. To help you better understand who I was and who I am becoming, the difference between old and new me is the difference between night and day. New me places doubts, fears, anxiety,Continue reading “Sunday 4/25/21 – Hot Potato”