Sunday 10/3/21 – Goosebumps

I have many subjects to cover this week, most of these thoughts may not be complete and I’m learning to be ok with that. These thoughts are being shared to help me think deeper about these subjects and maybe it will help someone else do the same along the way, on their journey for theContinue reading “Sunday 10/3/21 – Goosebumps”

Sunday 9/19/21 – The Battle

Good afternoon. It’s been awhile and a lot has happened since my last post. I was sick and tested positive for the sickness test and that kept me from being able to return to work for 2 straight weeks with everything going on and everything I had to go through to prove I was noContinue reading “Sunday 9/19/21 – The Battle”

Saturday 8/7/21 – Judgement

Do you like the feeling you get when someone judges you? I know that I do not. What is the benefit of judging someone? Does it make us feel better at the expense of tearing someone else down? There is a quote that comes to mind from Jim Rohn, “there are two ways to haveContinue reading “Saturday 8/7/21 – Judgement”

Monday 8/2/21 – The Desert

I would use the phrase “it’s hard to see the forest through the trees.” I would say it often and in different settings, home, work, with friends, etc. I believe this phrase may be true but it was only part of the puzzle for me. We went on our first family vacation, with only ourContinue reading “Monday 8/2/21 – The Desert”

Friday 7/9/21 – King of the Universe

Have you been watching The Chosen? Truth is sweet to the ears and there is a lot of Truth that has been shared in the episodes I have watched so far. We were a little late getting in on this but better late than never. Some of the prayers are so beautiful and the scriptureContinue reading “Friday 7/9/21 – King of the Universe”

Thursday 7/1/21 – Kingdom of Love

The Bible is so much more than I thought it could be and I still have so much to learn. I didn’t realize that God wanted to speak to us anymore. I thought that He only spoke to people back in the “Bible times,” I wonder who would have planted that seed? Who would benefitContinue reading “Thursday 7/1/21 – Kingdom of Love”

Thursday 6/17/21 – Secret Agent

This was written Monday 6/14/21, finally had the opportunity to post, enjoy. Thank You Lord Jesus for another beautiful week.  Thank You for some down time, thank You for allowing me to take some time off from work to spend some much needed time in Michigan with family and friends for a few days.  WhileContinue reading “Thursday 6/17/21 – Secret Agent”

Saturday 6/5/21 – Cracking the Code (Part II)

The following was written last night when my wife and I prayed and asked for the Holy Spirit to “teach” us, we enjoyed it and hope you (whoever you are) do too! Does satan know God’s plan/God’s will?  Yes! No?! Doesn’t matter!!!  The devil will trip us up one way or another somewhere along theContinue reading “Saturday 6/5/21 – Cracking the Code (Part II)”

Saturday 6/5/21 – Cracking the Code (Part I)

Christian Mysticism, up until this last week I had never heard these 2 words together. Last night, my wife and I sat down to have one of our “talks,” we have a lot of those these days. Usually the talk begins with how our days went, what crazy and new things were revealed to usContinue reading “Saturday 6/5/21 – Cracking the Code (Part I)”