Monday 11/28/22 – Sacrifice

Father God, I thank You for Jesus, Your Holy Spirit, and all of the blessings You continuously make me aware of as You pour them out over my family and me. I thank You for making me more aware of Your presence in my daily life. I thank You for the inspiration and creativity YouContinue reading “Monday 11/28/22 – Sacrifice”

Monday 8/22/22 – It Hurts…

Dear Lord Jesus, precious Jesus, I thank You for this day, Lord. I thank You for the rest You provided me last night and for waking me up with breath in my lungs this morning. I dedicate this day to You, Lord, and I ask that everything that happens today be glorifying to You. IContinue reading “Monday 8/22/22 – It Hurts…”

Monday 4/26/21 – Overdue Projects

First day back to work after the weekend and there was an amazing peace hovering over the office for the majority of the day. However, distraction crept in and allowed for a sense of feeling overwhelmed and even though I felt like the Holy Spirit was helping me with my overdue projects, I was afraidContinue reading “Monday 4/26/21 – Overdue Projects”